#RaúlCastro sends letter of support to President #NicolásMaduro

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The demonstration of popular support has been clear and resounding, faithful to the legacy of The Liberator Simón Bolívar and President Hugo Chávez Frías, expressed the President of the Councils of State and Ministers in his letter to the Venezuelan President referring to the recently held elections and the installation of the National Constituent Assembly.

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#Venezuela: Radiography of a #Press Supporting the #Coup

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Por Prensa Latina

While the Venezuelan people carried out the epic election day of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), the right-wing press was once again paying attention to the side of the violence.

The national media Venevisión, Globovisión and Televen spent a field day in the stronghold of the opposition stronghold in the east of the capital. One more time they practiced together with their peers from the region and from Spain the media terrorism that they tend to do in complacency of the fascists.

For them, the welfare of the country demanded by more than eight million Venezuelans did not merit a section, a note in the usual news or simply a news headline, reason why their programming was mostly full of cartoons, participation programs and the non-peaceful actions of ‘resistance’.

Meanwhile, it seems that the international ones La Razón, The Millenium, The Republic and The Nation ‘presaged’ the terrorist act with a remote explosive that groups related to the opposition carried out against members of the Bolivarian National Police who tried to clear barricades and dissolve the guarimba (disturbances).

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#Cuba denounces an international operation, led by the #US, against #Venezuela

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Enough of interferences, of conciliábulos, of betrayals to the Bolivarian spirit “, indicates the Declaration. Photo AVN

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This Sunday, July 30, 2017, during elections for the National Constituent Assembly in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Venezuelan people demonstrated to the world that they are in full possession of their sovereign rights, and are firmly on the side of peace, in defense of citizen security, of independence and self-determination in their homeland, as they have been throughout the history of Latin America and the Caribbean, since Bolívar.

Venezuela poured out to the polls as never before in a constituent process. This people, that challenged barricades, blocked streets, economic sabotage, and international threats, defeated with their votes the strategy of imperialism, the oligarchies, and an opposition which has not hesitated to unleash the most brutal expressions of cruelty. The cynicism of those who attempt to blame the government, and the defenders of the people, for crimes committed is offensive.

Cuba denounces the implementation of a well planned international operation, directed from Washington with the support of the OAS General Secretary, intended to silence the voice of the Venezuelan people, ignore their expressed will, and impose surrender with attacks and economic sanctions.

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The True Face of Violence in #Venezuela

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By Prensa Latina

The true face of the violence that has shaken Venezuela for more than a hundred days, incited by sectors of the reactionary extreme right that tries to show it to the world as peaceful demonstrations, comes afloat daily in this South American country.

Recent statements made by a young man to Telesur network, whose identity was not revealed to guarantee his personal safety, show the true intentions of the right-wing opposition leaders, who seek to impose chaos and terror through – even – the death.

‘They were drugged and destroyed everything that got in the way. I saw a lot of ugly things, like when a man was cut off in Altamira, ‘told the authorities the young Venezuelan, who stated that he had been recruited by groups linked to the right-wing opposition to generate acts of violence and chaos in the country.

The testimony of this young man adds to the denunciations of the Venezuelan authorities and the confessions of others arrested people, on the plan of coup promoted since April by the opposition coalition Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), which until now has accumulated more than 80 dead, about two thousand wounded and substantial economic losses.

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Venezuelan Opposition Challenges People to Take Power

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By Luis Beaton/Prensa Latina

The self-proclaimed Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD) will try today to seriously and provocatively challenge the majority of the Venezuelan people by calling them for a national strike aimed at breaking up the nation’s institutions.

As part of that maneuver, National Assembly Deputy Henry Ramos Allup announced what they call a ‘governance agreement’, even though they have not reached yet the Miraflores Palace, where constitutional President Nicolas Maduro, must remain until 2019.

Ramos spoke about new authorities: ‘The new government must be elected by free, sovereign and democratic elections’, although it should be asked if the previous ones did not have such a qualification by the mere fact that they were lost by opposition.

The parliamentarian argued that this document is in line with last Sunday results where MUD questioned the legitimacy of the government, something that is known it is part of the plan to impose itself with no legal methods. Sigue leyendo

#Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly, a Bet on the Future

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Image: Telesur

By Miguel Fernández Martínez/Prensa Latina

Many wonder today why to call a National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela, taking into account that the 1999 Constitution, promoted by Commander Hugo Chavez, was one of the most complete and advanced in the world.

The answer is simple: the Venezuelan extreme right-wing opposition, under the umbrella of the United States and several conservative governments in Latin America, has blocked all paths to constructive dialogue with the objective of achieving the dream of overthrowing the Bolivarian Revolution and returning to the scenario of the 4th Republic.

Thus the need for a Constituent Assembly to provide a legal and constitutional format to the great social achievements made over the past 18 years and that the opposition now wants to erase, if it achieves by force and terror what it could not reach in the polls.

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