#Cuba Demands at #UN-#Geneva the End of #US #Blockade

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By Prensa Latina 

Cuba’s ambassador at UN headquarters in Geneva, Pedro Luis Pedroso, demanded in this Swiss city the cessation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States, diplomatic sources informed today.

During the 37th regular session of the Human Rights Council, the diplomat also demanded the return of the territory illegally occupied by the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo province, according to a statement.

‘Cuba will continue its struggle because its society is as fair as possible. We will persist in defending the right of the Cuban people to give themselves the political system they consider, and follow self-determination without any interference,’ he said.

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Broad Sectors of #US Society Reject #Blockade against #Cuba, Activist Says

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By Waldo Mendiluza/Prensa Latina

Broad sectors of the U.S. society are along with the world in rejecting the blockade Washington has imposed on Cuba for more than 50 years, activist Ike Nahem said here today.

During an interview with Prensa Latina, the coordinator of the solidarity movement with Cuba in New York said the economic, commercial and financial siege against the island will be again condemned on November 1, during the vote at the UN General Assembly of a new draft resolution that demands its end.

That day, we will have demonstrations of solidarity with Cuba and demand the lifting of the blockade in many parts of the world, and at least a dozen U.S. and Canadian cities will welcome them, he said.

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#Cuba Denounces #Blockade Damage to #Construction Sector

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By Prensa Latina

The economic, financial and trade damage caused by the US blockade of Cuba affects all sectors and one of them is construction, in which annual losses have reached millions, leaders of the sector denounced today.

In a press conference, the economic director of the Construction Ministry (MICONS), Fredy Carballosa, explained that from April, 2016 and March this year, the losses reached $12,406,000 USD and around 95.5 percent of that figure was for technological needs in the housing sector.

The blockade prevents us from accessing more efficient constructive techniques for housing, with lower consumption of basic materials, something that would represent to save six percent of the costs in foreign currency for house restoration in the interest of the population, he added.

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#US #Blockade’s Damage on Cuban #Sports Denounced

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By Prensa Latina

Officials and specialists from the Cuban Sports Institute (Inder) denounced today the damage caused to sports by the commercial, economic and financial blockade set up by the United States against Cuba for more than 50 years.

In a press conference at the Estadio Latinoamericano, various examples were mentioned about the direct consequences of the blockade in the sports field and in the development of the sports medicine, as well as other issues of great interest.

In this regard, Director of Inder’s Science and Technology department Melix Ilisastigui said that the blockade hinders both the purchase of laboratory technological means and those related to education and research.

She also said that as a result of the blockade, there is a strong promotion to encourage scientific and professional workers in charge of training athletes, which damages and weakens human resources.

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#US #blockade: unilateral coercive measure that damages the human rights of Cuban people

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By CubaVsBloqueo

Cuba, whose people have suffered an economic, commercial and financial blockade for more than 55 years, is well aware of the damages caused by unilateral coercive measures. Those were the opening words of Cuban Representative to the United Nations, Counselor Alejandro Castillo Santana , during his statement at the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur of the Human Rights Council on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly. The Cuban diplomat also expressed the Cuban opposition to all unilateral coercive measures, including those used as a tool for political and economic pressure against any country, particularly against developing countries.

He reaffirmed that unilateral coercive measures are contrary to international law, to international humanitarian law, to the Charter of the United Nations, and to the norms and principles governing peaceful relations among States; and also hinder economic and social development and create impediments to the full enjoyment of human rights.

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#CubaVsBlockade: Opening in #US of the Exhibit #UnblockCuba

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By Cubavsbloqueo/Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations

Speech given by Ambassador Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, at the opening of the Exhibit: #UnblockCuba, winners of Poster Contest at the Center for Cuban Studies.  New York, 13 October 2017.

Good evening,

Dear colleagues from the Center for Cuban Studies of New York,

Dear colleagues from the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the United Nations,

Dear friends from the Solidarity Movement with Cuba,

Dear all,

We are here today thanks to the Center for Cuban Studies of New York that kindly allowed us to exhibit these masterworks, pertaining to the winners and best projects of an international Poster Contest launched in May by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Design Office of Cuba.

The contest was aimed at promoting the connection of design and visual arts in general with the legitimate claim of the Cuban people and the world for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade which the United States Government has continued to enforce against Cuba for more than five decades.

That is the reason why it has been entitled:  #UnblockCuba.

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Cuban Civil Society Urges Trump to Hear Claims Against #Blockade

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By Prensa Latina

Representatives of Cuban civil society urged US President Donald Trump to listen to the majority of the international community in support of lifting the U.S. blockade imposed on the island.

He was also asked to continue the process of normalization of bilateral relations initiated in 2015 with the administration of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

In the statement issued as a result of the XIV Forum of Cuban civil society organizations against the blockade, they stressed that this policy in force since 1962 limits the development of the country.

They also demanded the cease of the persecution of Cuban international economic and financial relations with organizations in third countries, an indication of the extraterritorial character of that measure.

The Cuban Vice-Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno assured that the forum of civil society takes place in a new context marked by the retreat of relations with Washington.

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