Oliver #Stone Repels #US Policy Change Towards #Cuba

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

Award-winning North American filmmaker, Oliver Stone, has expressed today his support for Cuba facing the U.S. policy change proclaimed by President, Donald Trump, to the detriment of the relations with this Caribbean country.

The writer and director signed the message sent by the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) to the friends of the Cuban culture in the United States, in order to denounce the policy change Trump announced on June 16.

The Cuban organization described that speech as outdated, obsolete, loaded with falsehoods and stereotypes, and with words particularly directed to an audience that does not represent the majority of the Cuban emigration.

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World Peace Council Denounces #US Interference on #Cuba

Published by Alma 

By Prensa Latina

The World Peace Council has denounced today the aggressive policy of the new U.S. administration against Cuba, which resorts to threats and blackmail to try to reverse the revolutionary process on the island.

Through a letter, posted on the website of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), that organization reiterates the demand to end the U.S. interference, ‘which constantly seeks to disrupt the progress of the Cuban revolution and isolate the nation through a criminal blockade imposed more than five decades ago.’

The document emphasized that the speech given by President, Donald Trump, on June 16 in the city of Miami, in which he announced a change in the White House policy with respect to Cuba, is a setback in the process towards the normalization of relations started by both countries in 2014.

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Cuban Emigres to Discuss New #US Policy against the Island

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By Prensa Latina

The Alianza Martiana coalition, which groups together various organizations of Cuban emigration in the US city of Miami, Florida, summoned today a conference to discuss Washington’s new policy against the island.

According to the call, the event will be held on July 2 at the entity’s headquarters and participants will outline actions to continue supporting their native country.

It is necessary to continue the work in favor of Cuba, Andrés Gómez, national coordinator of the Brigade Antonio Maceo, a member of the group, told Prensa Latina.

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#Trump’s Policy towards #Cuba Doomed to Fail, French Intellectual Says

Published by AlmaBy Prensa Latina

French intellectual Salim Lamrani has considered that the hostile policy announced by U.S. President, Donald Trump, towards Cuba is doomed to fail, according to an article published today.

The university professor, a specialist on the issue of the relations between Washington and Havana, recalled that since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, Cuba ‘has never made the slightest concession under pressure or threat.’

‘The Cubans are not sensitive to the language of coercion, blackmail or intimidation. That is a part of its idiosyncrasy,’ Lamrani said in an article posted on the Mondialisation website.

The French writer and essayist stated that the measures announced by Trump give rise to misunderstanding within the American society, as well as rejection at the international level. Sigue leyendo

Lifting the #Blockade, the #US Best Possible Deal with #Cuba

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By Martha Andres Roman/Prensa Latina

If U.S. President Donald Trump wants a ”better deal” with Cuba, he should continue the rapprochement and lift all aspects of the blockade, the journalist and activist Cheryl LaBash said here.

LaBash, who promotes ties with Cuba and is the co-president of the National Network on Cuba in the United States (NNOC) referred in those terms to the decision by the Republican president to reverse aspects of the U.S. opening policy on Cuba started by the previous administration.

Trump said a week ago in Miami, Florida, that his executive order to restrict U.S. citizens’ travels to Cuba further and to limit trade and business was seeking a ‘better deal’ for the Cuban people and for the United States.

However, in an interview with Prensa Latina, LaBash noted that if the president really wanted that, he should not only keep the rapprochement with Cuba but also eliminate all aspects of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington for 55 years.

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While US Continues #Blockade, #Cuba Forges Global Ties with #Europe, #China, and #Vietnam

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In spite of the U.S. imposed blockade, Cuba has constructed a high degree of self-sufficiency, and international ties. | Photo: Reuters

By Telesur

The U.S.’s blockade looks to cripple Cuba economically, but with the Caribbean nation building strong global ties, that may prove difficult.

While the United States government insists on maintaining their blockade, Cuba has continued to build strong diplomatic and economic links with the rest of the world. In only one week following Donald Trump’s rollback of efforts to normalize U.S.-Cuba relations, the Caribean island is moving forward with the process of building groundbreaking ties with the European Union, as well as strengthening the bond with its historic allies China and Vietnam.

In a major move this week, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted to approve the first agreement of bilateral cooperation between the EU and Cuba, after several decades of contingent relations imposed by the EU. The agreement is set to be put to a final vote by Parliament in July.

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Electoral process begins at the municipal level

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By  | informacion@granma.cu

June 26-30, across the country, neighborhood constituency commissions will be constituted, to then continue the training process leading up to October elections

In accordance with the timeline established, yesterday June 20, municipal electoral commissions were constituted, which will in turn organize, direct, and validate the electoral process.

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