#Biomodulin T, one of 22 medicines to treat #COVID-19 in #Cuba

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Biomodulina T does not prevent contagion with the new coronavirus, but rather helps stimulate the immune systems of individuals in vulnerable groups, to improve their response in case of infection, and reduce complications. Photo: Granma


A safe drug, developed and produced in Cuba, to treat infected patients and as a preventive for at-risk groups

Cuban biotechnology has been a subject of international interest for decades.

Despite hostile policies toward our country maintained by the United States government since January 1, 1959, the foresight of Comandante en jefe Fidel Castro Ruz led to the development of science and technology in Cuba, now pillars of society, and recognized worldwide, putting us in favorable conditions to confront the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In the context of the battle against this contagious disease, a reference institution within our biotechnology industry, the National Center for Biopreparations (Biocen), has confirmed its status as a leader among suppliers of drugs needed to fight the new coronavirus, responsible for all production on the island of the key medication Recombinant Human Interferon Alpha 2b. Another important product, unique to the center, Biomodulina T is manufactured on a large scale at the center’s plants, as well

Tamara Lobaina Rodríguez, Biocen’s general director, explained that the latter is an immunomodulator made from natural products, which has proven effectiveness in the treatment of respiratory diseases in older adults, which led to its inclusion on the Ministry of Public Health’s list of 22 medicines to be used to treat COVID-19 in Cuba.

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Members of the #US #Congress support #Cuba facing #Covid-19

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By Prensa Latina

At least 25 members of the United States Congress signed today a letter urging the government of their country to allow Cuba access to medical equipment and the necessary collaboration to fight Covid-19.

Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Jim McGovern, both Democrats, are leading the initiative through a letter sent to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

In the text they urge to certify that United States policy does not prevent the sending of medical equipments to Cuba to face the pandemic.

They stressed that in an unprecedented emergency like this one caused by a deadly virus so easily transmitted, public health and safety must take priority.

The members of the US Legislative recalled that the island is already suffering from an acute shortage of food and medicine (due to the economic, financial and commercial siege imposed by Washington on the Caribbean country for more than six decades), which is now aggravated by Covid-19 .

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#USA against #Cuba: Silenced truths and mercenary campaigns

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While the U.S. government has yet to say a word about the attack on Cuba’s embassy in Washington, more funds to attack Cuban medical collaboration were approved. Photo: AFP


Since January 1, 1959, countless terrorist actions have been planned, financed and executed against Cuba by U.S. special services and their mercenaries, who, on orders from the White House, have left a trail of horror and blood in their wake.

They have committed these attacks using a complete arsenal: armed infiltration, biological warfare, sabotage, planting of explosive devices, burning of schools and warehouses, kidnappings, including the non plus ultra of atrocity, the explosion of a civilian aircraft in mid-air.

Among the horrific pages of this ferocity, we remember the introduction of dengue hemorrhagic fever, a disease that left 150 victims, including 101 children. Introducing the virus was not enough: Cuba was denied access to a U.S. made chemical product and equipment to eliminate the vector spreading the disease, the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

In the 90s, the CIA introduced more than 30 explosive devices in Cuba, of which 11 exploded in tourist facilities; while outside the island, our embassies were targeted.

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#Turkish #press highlights: “#Cuba better placed than many nations to fight pandemic”.

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By Cubaminrex

Ankara.- The Anadolu Press Agency, the main one in Turkey, published today, under headlines, a full article which highlighted the various reasons why Cuba is in the best conditions to fight in many countries against COVID-19.

The work underscored the Cuban medical contribution to face the pandemic in Italy and in 20 other countries around the world; the great development of the health of Cuba thanks to the policies of its Socialist Revolution and its leader Fidel Castro and the evolution of the use of its advances against the new coronavirus in China and other countries. It also highlighted the offer of medical aid in the United States when the scourge of Hurricane Katrina, which, although it was rejected, had an experience of support against epidemics such as Ebola in Africa and cholera in Haiti or after earthquakes in several countries; and the award-winning work of more than 400,000 health specialists in 164 countries.

After commenting on the Cuban perspective regarding the criticism from the United States government against this cooperation, the article emphasized how the US blockade was maintained despite the pandemic and regardless of the various demands for its lifting. It echoed the statement of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations of April 16, 2020, in particular its complaint about the negative effects of the blockade, since it hindered the acquisition of supplies and medical equipment by Cuba to combat the pandemic.

Following is the full text of the article.

Cuba better placed than many nations to fight pandemic.

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#Solidarity and love for one’s neighbors defeat the #blockade’s barriers

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In the South Bronx, Dr. Melissa Barber battles COVID-19, putting into practice the lessons she learned in Cuba, at the Latin American School of Medicine

The United States has not been able to control COVID-19. The Donald Trump administration did not react in time, played down the reality, and as a result more than 34,000 people have died. Yet the government finds time to attack Cuba.

The U.S. blockade of Cuba, the longest in history anywhere, has been maintained and tightened to limit the Cuban health system’s access to essential inputs to confront the deadly SARS CoV-2. Nonetheless, medical education on the island has overcome the barriers that have been erected by successive U.S. administrations, and which Trump has set out to reinforce.

In New York, the epicenter of the disease in the country, Dr. Melissa Barber today puts into practice the lessons she learned in Cuba while studying at the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM). In the South Bronx, she leads a team that organizes and makes available to the community supplies and resources to confront the disease.

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#Cuba awaits information regarding firearm #attack on our #embassy in #Washington

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A vehicle that police believe is related to the incident remains parked outside the embassy. Photo: The Washington Post


It is the obligation of states to take all appropriate measures to protect the premises of embassies against any intrusion or damage, and to avoid disturbing the peace of a mission or violating its dignity

During the dawn hours today, April 30, 2020, an unknown individual fired a gun into the Cuban Embassy in the United States. The official website of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that no staff members suffered injury, as all were safely protected, although the building was damaged.

The Cuban government has no information about the individual involved, who was detained by local authorities at the scene and is in custody, the Ministry indicated.

The Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington D.C. has a protection and security system in place, to respond to any threat against personnel or facilities.

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The #US government spreads lies about #Cuba’s medical #cooperation

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By Vladimir Molina/Prensa Latina

Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel described this Wednesday as deliberate deception the US attacks against the international medical cooperation of his country.

The president thus alluded on Twitter to an article issued on the Cubadebate website, in which a document from the US State Department entitled The Truth about Cuba’s Medical Missions was analyzed.

It is true that the US goal is to attempt hiding the fact that the pressure campaign that began over a year ago to stop Cuba’s international cooperation in any country failed, said the article’s author in Cubadebate.

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