Cuban ambassador rejects new #US coercive measures

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

The Permanent Alternate Representative of Cuba to the UN, Ana Silvia Rodriguez, rejected the hostility and the new unilateral coercive measures imposed against the island by the US government.

Despite the overwhelming rejection by the international community of the US blockade and the clear call for an end to that policy, Washington is now responding with new sanctions against a company for buying fuel for Cuba, she denounced on her Twitter account.

Just two days ago, the United States Government included on its unilateral list of entities sanctioned for links with Venezuela, the Cuban company Corporacion Panamericana S.A., in another attack against the island for its solidarity with the South American country.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Treasury Department said it took this step because the aforementioned company ‘is owned or controlled by Cubametales,’ another Cuban entity added in July to the controversial list.

The action comes after the Trump administration made a similar announcement on Cubametales on July 3, in another attempt to prevent Cuba from importing oil from the South American country.

According to the statement, that Cuban state-owned oil import and export company has since faced significant pressure as other companies have refused to do business with it as a result of the US sanctions.

Repeatedly, the issue of Cuba’s support for Venezuela has been used by the US government to justify attacks against the Caribbean island, which argues that its solidarity with Venezuela is not negotiable.

The new measure also joins the Trump administration’s actions to intensify the blockade imposed against the island almost 60 years ago, and that this month was again condemned at the UN General Assembly by the overwhelming majority of the international community.

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