World Left-wing Unity, Priority at #SaoPauloForum

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By Prensa Latina

With a call to strengthen alliances on the global left, the 25th edition of the Sao Paulo Forum gathers Friday in Caracas more than a hundred social and political movements in the second day of sessions.

During the opening ceremony, the organizers ratified the need to support the political and economic liberation struggles of each people such as Palestine, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba.

‘This is an extraordinary event for the unity of popular movements and parties from all over the world. Only nobody will be able to defend themselves against imperialism, they will be able to fight battles and struggles (…), but the only thing that guarantees triumph is unity,’ said Diosdado Cabello, the first Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela on Thursday.

The leader highlighted in this sense the struggle that is being developed in Venezuela in defense of the socialist character, whose progress is hindered by the political aggressions of the U.S. government, resulting into unilateral measures and financial blockade.

Regarding this, the Colombian lawyer and politician Piedad Cordoba called for global solidarity with the South American nation to stop the imperial onslaught from the scenario of the Forum.

The member of the Liberal Party also supported the achievements of the Venezuelan Revolution and rejected the interfering policy of Bogota, which she described as servile to the United States.

For his part, Juan Carlos Frometa, a member of the Communist Party of Cuba, called for the establishment of starting points for the final declaration, such as the defense of the people rights, the urgency of confronting the criminalization of all expression of struggle and the condemnation of murders of social leaders.

‘The defense of peace in the face of a real threat of war, the importance of strengthening solidarity and the defense and sovereignty of our societies must also be the focus of the debate,’ he stressed.

The Forum is a necessity, especially when the neoliberal offensive increases, said the Cuban representative.

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