#Brazil #HR Commission Apologizes to Cuban Physicians

Published by Alma

By Osvaldo Cardosa/Prensa Latina

The Brazilian Commission of Human Rights and Deputies Chamber offered apologies this Friday to Cuban physicians for the questioning and disrespectful stance of president-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

‘Bolsonaro’s actions to discredit Cuban professionals of ‘Mas Medicos’ program will deprive Brazilian people from health attention, one of their main rights’, Congressman Luiz Couto, president of that Commission told Prensa Latina.

He reaffirmed his gratitude to the doctors of the Island and offered apologies to the Cuban people which gave us highly-trained professionals who have contributed to our peoples’ health.

Couto hopes the Brazilian people will realize the damage caused by the former military and it is not a secret that Brazilian doctors ‘don’t want to work inland and in poorest areas’, where the communities experienced the quality and humanism of Cuban professionals.

We are happy that those professionals who ceased their participation in the ‘Mas Medicos’ program, will now serve in other countries where the governments respect their selfless work to ensure human rights, health,’ said the parliamentarian.

He insisted that unfortunately Brazil lost the quality of Cuban medicine, ‘but we hope that one day it will return, when another government respects the dignity of those who took care of our health’.

The Brazilian people is now ‘crying and saying’: We lost our comrades, because they were just considered like that. There was no distance between doctors and the people who received the attention, stressed Couto.

As part of Mas Medicos, specified the Health Ministry, in the last five years about 20,000 Cuban collaborators treated 113 million 359 000 patients in nearly 3,600 municipalities, ‘covering with them a universe of up to 60 million Brazilians’.

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