#Venezuela for a #Socialism With #Justice and Social Equality

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

Despite the political and economic attacks orchestrated abroad, Venezuela goes ahead today in the construction of socialism under the values of justice, equality and social peace, political leader Diosdado Cabello said.

During the television program ‘Con el Mazo Dando’, led by Cabello, First Vice-President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), he warned yesterday that the extreme-right sectors will do everything possible to undermine the Bolivarian Revolution and thereby implement surrendering and privatization policies.

‘That is not the way, capitalism will never build housing for the people, it would never be worried because the people eat. Capitalism would never be worried about giving education to the people, it would be privatized; Capitalism would never give free health to the people,’ he added.

He also stated that ‘a socialist State should be responsible for health, education, welfare and equality established and practiced by citizens,’ he said.

About the attempts by the extreme right wing to take political control of Venezuela, Cabello stressed the importance of confronting them in democratic spaces with organization and mobilization of the Venezuelans.

‘Let’s not lose sight of who the enemy is, who we are facing. Each victory is adding’ but ‘the war has not concluded’, Cabello said after celebrating the victory of President Nicolas Maduro as a candidate of the Frente Amplio de la Patria (Broad Front of the Nation) in the presidential elections.

The Venezuelan people, with 6,245,862 votes (68 percent), decided on May 20 that Maduro will continue in command of the country’s first magistracy during the 2019-2025 period, in an election that included the participation of 9,368,035 citizens.

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