Unbelievable! #Mexico and the #CIA vs. #Venezuela

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By Orlando Oramas León *

Mexico (Prensa Latina) President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration abandoned in an unvarnished way his traditional Estrada doctrine in foreign policy, after announcing he would collaborate with the U.S. government in its sanctions against Venezuela.

The Mexican Undersecretary of Finance, Vanessa Rubio, said Peña Nieto’s administration will hand Venezuela’s fiscal and financial information on Venezuelan officials and civil servants against whom Washington dictated sanctions.

This action goes against the diplomacy of respect to sovereignty of third countries that for decades was worthy of international recognition.

Rubio alleged the decision responds to agreements of bilateral and multilateral cooperation to detect ‘possible illicit doings.

However, many question here if the measure corresponds to revelations by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, who admitted to have met with high officials in Mexico and Colombia to coordinate actions against the government of president Nicolas Maduro.

Rubio indicated that the Unit of Financial Intelligence of that Federal entity will search in its database information that may be useful to president Donald Trump’s administration.

Mexico even admitted they advanced talks witjh the U.S. Treasury Department to activate the handing out of information.

Already a communiqué of two paragraphs of the FM and the Secretary of Finance says Peña Nieto’s administration will act ‘in consequence’ regarding U.S. sanctions against Venezuela.

Local media said the message was confusing and used White House language to justify sanctions against the Caracas government.

Mexico has taken the side of those in favor of a coup d’ÿtat. One of the officials subject to sanctions under investigation is Elias Jaua, Minister of Culture and one of the13 punished by Washington.

In statements to the Venezuelan news agency, Jaua described as inoperant the Washington sanctions, have a political and interfering background, having the Constituent Assembly as the background.

Meanwhile, in Mexico there are who consider suspicious the Mexican official stand regarding the Bolivarian government, when there is a coming renegotiation process of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) that starts next August 16.

In this scenario, the chapter of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity considered as unacceptable submission the interference of president Enrique Peña Nieto’s government in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

A document signed by intellectuals and academic members of the Network comments the actions taken by the Peña Nieto’s administration against Venezuela does not represent the Mexican people’s feelings.

The text stresses the degree of submission has exceeded the limits of rationality, degrading the dignity that any country should defend and violates the tradition that Mexico had concerning the sovereignty of other nations.

It emphasizes also that ‘the Mexican institutions are not areas of the United States’ administration’ and considers this precedent as a deplorable example for the region.

The Network demanded the Mexican government to back down publicly and recover the principles of a respectful foreign policy of the self-determination of peoples and nations. Hands off Venezuela!, concludes the communiqué, signed by Pablo Gonzalez Casanova, followed by other renowned intellectuals of the land of Benito Juarez, the meritorious of the Americas, who subscribed that the respect for another person’s rights is peace.

*Head Correspondent of Prensa Latina in México.




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