The True Face of Violence in #Venezuela

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

The true face of the violence that has shaken Venezuela for more than a hundred days, incited by sectors of the reactionary extreme right that tries to show it to the world as peaceful demonstrations, comes afloat daily in this South American country.

Recent statements made by a young man to Telesur network, whose identity was not revealed to guarantee his personal safety, show the true intentions of the right-wing opposition leaders, who seek to impose chaos and terror through – even – the death.

‘They were drugged and destroyed everything that got in the way. I saw a lot of ugly things, like when a man was cut off in Altamira, ‘told the authorities the young Venezuelan, who stated that he had been recruited by groups linked to the right-wing opposition to generate acts of violence and chaos in the country.

The testimony of this young man adds to the denunciations of the Venezuelan authorities and the confessions of others arrested people, on the plan of coup promoted since April by the opposition coalition Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), which until now has accumulated more than 80 dead, about two thousand wounded and substantial economic losses.

Referring to right-wing deputy Miguel Pizarro of the Primero Justicia Party, the young man confessed that he told them ‘we have to be ready to put an end to everything and go forward without fear.’ To put an end to everything means destroying public lighting, sabotaging the main access roads and highway, burning government buildings and assassinating anyone who supports the Bolivarian government.

He added that they also received implements to make homemade mortars and Molotov cocktails (homemade bombs), and witnessed other violent actions, including the burning of public transport buses.

This situation, which undoubtedly affects family stability in Venezuela, because it involves young people and adolescents, already has reactions among alarmed parents of some of these boys recruited by the right-wing opposition for violent actions.

There is the case of a father who decided to voluntarily hand his son over to the authorities after knowing about his more than 60 absences in class – despite not having been notified by the school -, and realized that he was involved in guarimbas (violent rioting and vandalism).

‘It is not easy to hand a child over to a police force, but my son is not a delinquent, they deceived him. It’s a boy, a child, ‘emphasized the father, whose identity was also protected.

There are thousands of cases brought before the courts on the use of children, youth and adolescents in this violent wave, many of them from the poorest sections of society, who – in most cases- are cannon fodder to attack and cause terror.

For this purpose, the right-wing opposition created the guarimbas, which have a strong component of criminal individuals from the marginal areas of the capital, who are ready to impose chaos for a few Bolivars, clothing, food and drugs (mainly the phenotype Captagon), which gets into Venezuela through the border with Colombia.


The guarimbas is a Venezuelan colloquial word to call violent form of protest on the streets. They are not new in the Venezuelan political spectrum and constitute a recurrent public weapon for an opposition that insists in getting power but has failed to achieve it through the polls in the last 18 years.

According to experts, this ‘insurrectional’ strategy was born on the streets of Caracas in February 2004, encouraged by opponents of the Bolivarian Revolution that was headed by Commander Hugo Chavez, and whose purpose is to systematically attack peace and public order.

Behind these violent actions there is the purpose of provoking a ‘repressive’ intervention of the forces of law and order, instigating a civil-military uprising, delegitimizing the Bolivarian government and forcing foreign intervention.

A plan perfectly designed by the right-wing opposition leaders, who have repeated it insistently without achieving its purposes that include – as some of its main leaders say inside and outside Venezuela – to bathe the country in blood to overthrow the government.

The main forms of action by the guarimbas, which almost always appear after protests called by the opposition, includes the closure of the main access roads and streets, preventing the free movement of the population and imposing the fear as a form of ‘conviction’.

They also appeal to the use of barricades, to attack essential services such as electric power, drinking water and food supplies and other necessities, the burning of warehouses and the systematic attack on government buildings.


In all this violent framework, which undoubtedly responds to a coup d’etat, behind the street guarimbas is hidden something much more dangerous, which are violent armed groups whose plans aim at more strategic objectives.

On May 9, Venezuelan Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissami presented national and international public opinion with evidence of the link between these groups and the most reactionary Venezuelan right, which goes back beyond the current protests .

At that time, the security forces in Venezuela managed to dismantle a band that operated as an armed cell, responsible for the main violent actions in eastern Caracas and Miranda state.

Among the more than 15 arrested people were Nixon Alfonso Leal, one of the main ringleaders of these armed groups, with close ties with the opposition right-wing party Primero Justicia, and who actively participated in the La Salida plan, activated by the right in 2014, which left 43 people dead.

According to the Venezuelan authorities, Nixon Leal is one of the closest collaborators of Deputy Julio Borges, current president of the National Assembly (Parliament), one of the main instigators of anti-government violence and vandalism in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan vice president explained that Leal created the armed insurgency that operated in the capital areas of Altamira, Chacao and Bello Monte in eastern Caracas and managed to also articulate armed groups in Catia, west of the capital city.


In response to this escalation of violence, the Bolivarian government called on all sectors of society to join a new National Constituent Assembly, as a formula of peace before the drumbeats of war that announces the extreme right.

The new Constituent Assembly will seek to open a gigantic table of dialogue among all Venezuelans, despite the calls to sabotage made by the MUD and its main political leaders.

Hence the importance of maintaining the civic-military unity of Venezuelans around their Revolution, which with the implementation of Plan Zamora 200 and Plan Republica will curtail any attempt to return Venezuela to transnational companies and oligarchies.


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