#ElSalvador Rejects #U.S. Warmongering Language on Venezuela

Published by Alma

Venezuela is not alone

By Prensa Latina

New voices have been raised on Sunday in El Salvador in rejection of the U.S. government”s threats against Venezuela and in support for the constitutional process in that South American nation.

The Association of Professionals of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) and the ‘Milagro-El Salvador Mission’ issued statements rejecting Washington’s interference in Venezuelan sovereignty.

The Salvadorans linked to the ALBA denounced the White House’s bias in favor of violent and extremist sectors of the Venezuelan politics, which promote terrorism to overthrow a legitimately elected government.

Three decades ago, El Salvador suffered from a similar stance from the then presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., who encouraged death squads, the violation of human rights and multiple political assassinations.

The Miracle Mission solidarity network strongly condemned the imperial offensive of the international oligarchic right and the opposition fascist sectors of the Venezuelan right against a legitimate, popular and democratic government.

They emphasized that since the triumph of the Bolivarian process, led by Commander Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan people are building their own destiny and allocate resources to social projects, such as restoring sight to thousands of people.

They called on the international community to support the struggle of the Venezuelan people and its legitimate Bolivarian government, and international law to defend the country’s sovereignty, self-determination and independence.

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