Venezuelan Opposition Challenges People to Take Power

Published by Alma

By Luis Beaton/Prensa Latina

The self-proclaimed Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD) will try today to seriously and provocatively challenge the majority of the Venezuelan people by calling them for a national strike aimed at breaking up the nation’s institutions.

As part of that maneuver, National Assembly Deputy Henry Ramos Allup announced what they call a ‘governance agreement’, even though they have not reached yet the Miraflores Palace, where constitutional President Nicolas Maduro, must remain until 2019.

Ramos spoke about new authorities: ‘The new government must be elected by free, sovereign and democratic elections’, although it should be asked if the previous ones did not have such a qualification by the mere fact that they were lost by opposition.

The parliamentarian argued that this document is in line with last Sunday results where MUD questioned the legitimacy of the government, something that is known it is part of the plan to impose itself with no legal methods.Venezuelan Academician Sergio Rodriguez Gelfestein recently stated, ‘The legitimate right of the opposition to reach the government by legal channels was being overwhelmed by the suicidal desire to try it by extra constitutional means.’ 

That reality pushed by the extreme sectors could be reversed now against its promoters, as there are many who oppose the daily outrages conducted by them on the streets.

The MUD´s plan, announced by Ramos, proposes: Social justice as a priority, Plan of immediate attention to the humanitarian crisis (justification for a foreign intervention) and Implementation of the plan to attack insecurity, violence and crime unleashed (by themselves).

It also states the ‘Debugging of police forces, remuneration and equipment (including the Bolivarian National Guard), and the Unit of political forces.

Under the argument that ‘nobody can do it alone’, the coup d’état, foreign intervention is the main purpose, but, one might ask, why they reject the dialogue repeatedly proposed by Venezuelan President Maduro.

Perhaps it could be because the present government´s steps are aimed at equal distribution and not that the wealth belongs to a few and to the great transnational capitalists.

Regarding what is being called for today, the candidate for the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Francisco Torrealba, said yesterday that President Maduro’s government would guarantee public transport nationwide so that the working class go to their jobs.

‘The Venezuelan working class will accept in no way the calls that are being made from the right to try to stop the nation,’ he said.

Likewise, Gregoria Laya, ANC candidate for the Workers sector, said that the agenda of the Venezuelan right-wingers is ‘destabilize and generate anxiety in the people’ by using some mechanisms such as the national strike ‘and create total paralysis by the nation´s working class.’ 

He stressed that ‘we will go to work very early and we will not heed the call of the fascist right-wingers because they are vague’ and reminded them that a country rises with effort and work.

In response to what the right-wing opposition calls the ‘zero hour’, it is almost certain that the ‘hour of the people’, ‘the hour of Rondon’ will soon begin, and that it will certainly take to the streets to fight its Revolution.


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