Go to #Cuba and see for yourself

Published by Alma

Santiago de Cuba

By USA Today (Letters to the Editor)

I went on a seven-day cruise to Cuba in March 2017. It was a people to people cruise that I really enjoyed.

We cruised around the big island (twice as big as Florida) stopping for excursions in Santiago and Havana. It was a real serendipitous experience.

Everywhere were happy people and old, old cars that actually were so polished up they seemed to smile back at you.

The people looked well-fed, clean and when they smiled they had perfect, beautiful white teeth. It was apparent they have free health and dental care.

In Santiago I visited an open big church. The religion was a combination of Catholic and African beliefs. I saw both types of saint statues in the church. I thought that was very unusual and wonderful.

In Havana I visited the big, magnificent opera house. It is open for the people to attend opera and ballet. The Cuban people love music.

The right policy for travel is freedom to travel there. The same policy Americans have to go anywhere else in the world they want to go.

It is my wish that anyone who wants to travel to Cuba will be able to do so. I think if you go you will have a serendipitous experience just as I did.

Take a ride in an old car. Eat in a real Cuban restaurant. There is rum with every meal and demitasse coffee after dinner. Tip the server. That tip goes directly into his or her pocket. Cubans love the tourists and you will love them. We need each other. Go to Cuba. Don’t take any one else’s ideas about Cuba.

See it for yourself.

Lois McAllester, Port St. Lucie




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