#Cuba Strongly Rejects Resolution Adopted by European Parliament

Published by Alma


By Prensa Latina

Cuba’s National Assembly considers ”unacceptable” the resolution on the Caribbean island adopted by the European Parliament on July 5, in a statement issued by its Committee on International Relations.

In the text, Cuban lawmakers voiced that this proclamation runs counter to the principles of respect, equality and reciprocity contained in the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, signed in Brussels on December 12, 2016, by Cuba, the European Union ) and its Member States.

They also point out that this statement by the European Parliament distort the Cuban reality and is an interventionist act in the internal affairs of the Caribbean island, while it contrasts with the positive development of Cuba’s relations with the European Commission, the European External Action Service and with the Member States of the community block.

The text states that European deputies with an extensive anti-Cuban record, opposed to the advance of relations between Cuba and the EU, promoted the adoption of that resolution, which is unnecessary, inopportune and with marked colonialist content,as well as responds to unilateral, discriminatory and selective policies that characterized the EU’s position towards Cuba in the past.

The Cuban Parliament stressed that the Non-Legislative Resolution of the Euro Chamber, even though it refers timidly to laws and measures with extraterritorial effect, does not mention the Helms-Burton law or the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba , With a similar position to that of the president of that northern country, Donald Trump.

The Cuban National Assembly urged the European Parliament to address issues of EU territory such as the deterioration of the confidence of European citizens in the community institutions and the increase of xenophobia and segregationist practices against minorities in the territory.

In this regard, it also addressed to the lack of solidarity and a sense of historical responsibility with which they handle the waves of refugees from Africa and the Middle East, the rampant corruption in European political sectors, the growing deterioration of social security systems and the limited progress being made with regard to gender equality in that region.

We do not recognize any right to the European Parliament to address matters that are exclusively competence of the Cuban people, which continues to build a sovereign, independent, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable Nation, concludes the document.



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