Cuban-Americans in #USA Prepare new Actions Against #US #Blockade

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

The ”Alianza Martiana” coalition, which is made up of several Cuban emigre organizations in Miami, Florida, is planning new actions in favor of ending the US blockade against Cuba.

In this regard, Andres Gomez, national coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, has informed Prensa Latina that a caravan of cars will be rolling on Miami´s streets on July 8.

We will demand once again the cessation of the hostile policy. We cannot sit back and do nothing, Gomez said, who was one of the participants in a meeting aimed at analyzing the new US policy against Cuba.

In the meeting, the 60 attendees tackled down different actions aimed at continuing to support Cuba, and strongly rebuffed US President Donald Trump´s speech and measures announced on June 16.

On that day, Trump signed in Miami the so-called National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening US Policy toward Cuba.

Such a Memorandum is aimed at cutting and banning US citizens from traveling to Cuba.

This document also bans economic, commercial and financial transactions between US and Cuban companies linked to the Revolutionary Armed Forces and intelligence and security services.

In this way, and as it has been stated by Cuba’s government, additional obstacles are added on the already very restricted openings that the US business sector are interested in trading and investing in Cuba.

As stated by Gomez, it is necessary to continue the fight for all the rights of the Cuban people so as to live and progress in peace.

Meanwhile, Max Lesnik, one of Alianza Martiana leaders, also stressed that ‘new battles against the incomprehension and the Miami´s extreme right’ are drawing near.

‘We are set for everything,’ he stated, before wishing that Trump´s new policy to end up in correcting his mistake.

With Trump or without Trump, Cuban Revolution will keep on the right track, according to Salvador Capote, president of Miami Intellectuals and Artists Group.



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