The Extreme Right Wing Spreads False Messages in #Venezuela

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

The media labs of the opposition coalition Mesa de la Unidad (MUD) in Venezuela published an alleged instructive message aimed at the People’s Assemblies and containing a false list of reasons for the call to a National Constituent Assembly (ANC, in Spanish), the government denounced.

According to the Venezuelan Minister of Information and Communication, Ernesto Villegas, that false material was aimed at misinforming the people and sowing fear of an alleged instauration of a government system that will activate ‘a new way to vote’.

In a message published on its Twitter account, Villegas warned on Sunday against the slandering maneuver and advised the people not to be deceived by those false messages.

The pamphlet distributed by the MUD, explained the Bolivarian leader, also lies when it says that ‘a new model of private property’ will be imposed, that absolute control will be exerted on social networks and that university autonomy will be eliminated, among other groundless reasons.

Villegas noted that the list does not match all nine issues that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took as the foundation to call the Original Constituent Power.

The main issues announced by Maduro include defending the rights and duties of Venezuelan youths, constitutionalizing new elements of justice to declare the war against impunity, and expanding and improving the national economic system to define a new post-oil economy.

He also proposed achieving peace, isolating violent people and reaffirming the values of justice, as well as strengthening new forms of participatory and leading democracy, and constitutionalizing all Missions and Great Missions created by Commander Hugo Chavez.

In his proposal for a National Constituent Assembly, Maduro also stated the need to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the survival of the human species on the planet from the Constitution, as well as to create a new cultural identity that matches the new Venezuelan idiosyncrasy, in addition to improving the country’s foreign policy to strengthen Venezuela’s sovereignty and reject interventionism.


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