Oliver #Stone Repels #US Policy Change Towards #Cuba

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

Award-winning North American filmmaker, Oliver Stone, has expressed today his support for Cuba facing the U.S. policy change proclaimed by President, Donald Trump, to the detriment of the relations with this Caribbean country.

The writer and director signed the message sent by the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) to the friends of the Cuban culture in the United States, in order to denounce the policy change Trump announced on June 16.

The Cuban organization described that speech as outdated, obsolete, loaded with falsehoods and stereotypes, and with words particularly directed to an audience that does not represent the majority of the Cuban emigration.

We aspire to continue working together to build a fruitful relationship in the cultural field and on the basis of equality, favoring the mutual spiritual enrichment of both nations, the UNEAC proclamation states.

The document has so far more than 2,000 signatures of people from 45 countries.

Three Oscar and five Golden Globe awards have distinguished the professional career of Stone, a director who is often inspired by real events to conceive the majority of his works.

Much of hisawards were obtained by ‘Platoon’ (1981), ‘Wall Street’ (1987) and ‘Born on July 4’ (1989), as his provocations from the cinema began to cross a limit when he formed in 1990 ‘JFK’, open case, where he proposes the existence of a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy.

The director visited Havana in December 2016, during the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, where he presented his most recent film, ‘Snowden’, about the alarming revelations by former NSA employee, Edward Snowden.



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