#Trump’s Policy towards #Cuba Doomed to Fail, French Intellectual Says

Published by AlmaBy Prensa Latina

French intellectual Salim Lamrani has considered that the hostile policy announced by U.S. President, Donald Trump, towards Cuba is doomed to fail, according to an article published today.

The university professor, a specialist on the issue of the relations between Washington and Havana, recalled that since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, Cuba ‘has never made the slightest concession under pressure or threat.’

‘The Cubans are not sensitive to the language of coercion, blackmail or intimidation. That is a part of its idiosyncrasy,’ Lamrani said in an article posted on the Mondialisation website.

The French writer and essayist stated that the measures announced by Trump give rise to misunderstanding within the American society, as well as rejection at the international level.

‘While the world had welcomed the constructive dialogue started by Barack Obama in December 2014 and lifting some restrictions, Donald Trump ended the process of normalizing relations,’ he said.

According to his statements, ‘the aggressive and authoritarian tone marks a break with the policy of dialogue adopted by Barack Obama.’

He also pointed out that the new U.S. president resorted to an unprecedented speech of hostility that goes back to the rhetoric of the cold war.

Lamrani emphasized Cuba’s position, always ready to dialogue and peacefully resolve the disputes with the United States, based on the respect for three fundamental principles: sovereign equality, reciprocity and the non-interference in the internal affairs.

‘In one word, the political system, the social model and the foreign policy of Cuba, are exclusive competences of the sovereign people of the island,’ he said.



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