#Venezuela: Possible Rupture Between Opposition Members and Leaders

Published by Alma

One of the last actions of the so-called peaceful opposition in Venezuela: Attack on the headquarters of the Mission Housing, regardless of the presence of civilians in the building, including children from 0 to 5 years, so they had to be evacuated (link to video below)

By Prensa Latina

Deputy Earle Herrera revealed a probable rupture between Venezuelan opposition grassroot members and their leaders due to the terrorist acts promoted by the leaders of the right to destabilize the country.

According to the legislator of the Bloc of the Homeland, many Venezuelans opposed to the Bolivarian government show their discontent with violent actions, which since April their political representatives have financed, incited, and organized, which resulted in the deaths of more than 70 people.

‘Those same opposition people… are tired of the violence that kidnaps them, that does not allow them to go to work, take children to school; it has taken that daily life away from them,’ Herrera told Venezolana de Televisión.

He pointed out that the leadership of the right is losing control of the situation created by them while calling its strategy sterile, useless and a political failure.

Herrera said it is violence for violence, so they use cruelty, lynching, children as fodder and harassment to those who think differently, something that, he said, does not identify Venezuelans.

On the other hand, he denounced that the United States turned Venezuela into an unprecedented psychological warfare laboratory, to which the social networks and the media of the right wing contribute.

Evacuation of personnel who were working when terrorist cells of the opposition expressed their hatred against the MINHVI  



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