#US City Calls for Lifting #Blockade against #Cuba

Published by Alma


By Prensa Latina

The city of Helena, capital city of Montana state, urged the US Congress to lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, said a Cuban diplomat today.

The resolution, posted on Twitter by Miguel Fraga, first secretary of the Cuban Embassy in the United States, said that the city of Helena also urged the Congress to normalize the ties with the Cuban Government.

The document reiterates that during more than 50 years the blockade has represented restrictions and bans for bilateral ties, particularly regarding trade, travels and financial operations.

It also indicates that Montana is willing to be one of the main suppliers of consumer goods in Cuba, which would increase exports and jobs in the United States.

This resolution is issued when local media said that the day after tomorrow, US President Donald Trump will announce in Miami, Florida, that some issues of the policies fostered by his predecessor Barack Obama on Cuba will be revoked.

In view of that stance, many people, including republicans and democrats, companies, travel agencies and Cuban American groups, amid other sectors, urge Trump to continue and improve relations with Cuba.

The resolution indicates that the opening up began on December 17th, 2014 will have benefits for the United States in trade, creation of jobs, security, diplomacy and other fields.

Along with Montana, similar resolutions have been passed by six cities on this issue, four in California, one in Massachusetts and one in Connecticut, as well as the assemblies of two states, California and Alabama.



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