#US Democrats Senators Ask to Expand Rapprochement to #Cuba

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

A group of 14 Democratic senators urged the administration of Donald Trump to maintain and expand the US economic and political approach to Cuba, when local media today show the possibility of a reversal.

In a letter sent Monday to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, upper House members told him that normalizing relations with the Caribbean island would provide key economic and national security benefits.

We are already beginning to see the advantages of a new approach with Cuba. US travel and hotel companies are taking advantage of their ability to obtain licenses to work there, noted a letter spread in website of Connecticut senator, Chris Murphy.

The signatories recalled that airlines in this country are flying direct trade routes between both nations and that in 2016 tourism on the island set a record, with a 14 percent increase.

For companies to obtain benefit from this growth, they must be able to do business in Cuba, said the Democrats, who also highlighted the opportunities that US farmers would have if they expand the possibilities of export to the Caribbean territory.

Besides helping US businesses and farmers, bilateral cooperation is good for our national security, added the letter, referring to a request on the issue made in April by more than a dozen retired military personnel.

The United States and Cuba signed nine memorandums of understanding related to important issues such as air travel safety, efforts to combat drug trafficking and cross-border enforcement law, noted the letter.

According to the signatories, abandoning these agreements is contrary to the best interests of the US people.



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