#Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly, a Bet on the Future

Published by Alma

Image: Telesur

By Miguel Fernández Martínez/Prensa Latina

Many wonder today why to call a National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela, taking into account that the 1999 Constitution, promoted by Commander Hugo Chavez, was one of the most complete and advanced in the world.

The answer is simple: the Venezuelan extreme right-wing opposition, under the umbrella of the United States and several conservative governments in Latin America, has blocked all paths to constructive dialogue with the objective of achieving the dream of overthrowing the Bolivarian Revolution and returning to the scenario of the 4th Republic.

Thus the need for a Constituent Assembly to provide a legal and constitutional format to the great social achievements made over the past 18 years and that the opposition now wants to erase, if it achieves by force and terror what it could not reach in the polls.

When violence rules and the calls to peace are unheard, the Constituent Assembly becomes a huge table for dialogue with all sectors of society with direct and secret vote, giving voice to the people instead of to the reduced sector of the political class that refuses to generate spaces for a democratic solution of the conflict. A few days ago, a member of the Presidential Commission for the National Constituent Assembly (NCA), Isaías Rodríguez, assured that with a new Constitution, ‘we give peace to the largest source of power in the country, which is the original power, the people’s power.’

‘It is hard to build peace and it is hard because we chose the most difficult path, which is to make a revolution in peace,’ he noted.

For his part, the president of that Commission, Elías Jaua, also recalled those who are scared of political audacity that ‘today we can say that President Nicolas Maduro was right to call the Constituent (…) We can say that Venezuela’s political space is occupied by the debate of the National Constituent Assembly (…) may no one be scared, no one can be scared of the people. Did we not learn from Chavez?’

It is notorious the support from workers, students, women, people with disabilities, artists, professionals, farmers, the communes and the indigenous people, who, as part of the original power, will be present in the debates on the new strengthened Constitution aimed at armoring the gains achieved over the past 18 years of Revolution.

The National Constituent Assembly is already a fact. The registration process of candidates is under way to determine the 364 territorial and 181 sectorial delegates who will contribute to a peaceful, more revolutionary Venezuela where there will be room for all Venezuelans.

Perhaps, the Bolivarian Revolution is going through its most adverse time and with this call it is betting again on the trust of a people who will know how to protect the future of Bolivar’s homeland.


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