#HRC Official Blames #ICHR for Encouraging Violence in #Venezuela

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

The International Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) in America is encouraging violence in Venezuela, Larry Devoe, Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Council of this nation, said.

The executive rejected on his Twitter account a statement by ICHR to justify and encourage actions of violence promoted by Venezuelan opposition sectors that insists on such actions in the country.

Devoe accused the institution of ignoring the serious ‘violent actions by opposition groups. Their silence encourages violence,’ he said.

The entity that allegedly monitors the human rights situation in the region did not speak out against the attack on the maternal-child hospital in El Valle, here in Caracas, where about 54 children had to be evacuated, while maintaining a biased position with the OAS and others that encourage attacks against Venezuela.

Opposition groups announced today that they will continue their protests and are unaware of the calls to dialogue carried out yesterday by President Nicolas Maduro.

We will continue the protest, said Freddy Guevara, first vice-president of the National Assembly, who published on his Twitter account some reports on a ‘Big National Sit-in’ convened by the Democratic Unity Board (MUD) for today.

The parliamentarian explained that the objective of the call is to take the protest to ‘a higher level’, something that some understand as more violence, disorder and defiance to authorities.

Opposition legislator Henry Ramos Allup told reporters on Saturday, April 22nd, that there will likely be ‘potential victims’ in demonstrations against the Maduro government in coming days.



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