Cuban #Doctors Still Working Nevertheless of Long Holiday in #Peru

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

The Cuban doctors taking care of the Peruvian flood victims in this city and its sourroundings, are mantianing their solidarity work independently of the long holidays due to Easter.

The head of the medical brigade,Rolando Piloto, said that the 23 doctors and other health profesionals are working in the 3 shelters called 980, Pedregal and Narigualá.

Also at Cesminca hospital that cares for children and mothers and in the tent hospital of the Health Ministry that operates in Piura,capital of the region with the same name.

The Cuban medical brigade had a meeting yesterday with a crew from Cuban television heded by journalist Milenis Torres, that came to report on the work the Cuban doctors are carring out here.

Piloto pointed out that until yesterday 4 thousand and 936 patients had been taken care of by the Cuban doctors mainly in the shelters and they are also giving medical intructions also as to avoid the posibility of other diseases that appear in disaster situations like the one in Piura.

This is a big risk, as the reports of local health authorities already probe the existance of 650 cases of Dengue fever.

There are also 3 thousand and 61 cases suspected of having that disease and 17 thousand cases of acute diarreas, according to local health sources.

The Cuban medical brigade arrived in Lima March 31 and the same day went directly to Pìura even at a time when the rains and intense floods continued.




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