#US Congressman Acknowledges Policy Failure against #Cuba

Published by Alma

Image from hp journal

By Prensa Latina

Rep. Congressman Roger Marshall today said that the US isolation policy against Cuba has dramatically failed and restricted the openings for Americans to have any relation with Cuba.

In an article published by High Plains Journal, an agriculture-related publication, Roger Marshall (Kansas representative) recalled that he and other colleagues recently had the chance of visiting Cuba.

This visit was a perfect opportunity to be increasingly acquainted with the openings we have ahead with Cuba, Roger Marshall stressed, who also said that during his official stay they had been warmly welcomed by Cuban citizens and officials.

As for Marshall, the opening of relations with Cuba would be quite positive for both peoples, as a healthy dealing with Cuba would foster greater mutual security and additional business openings, among other issues of interest.

He added that for Kansas farmers, Cuba is considered as a natural export market, with great prospects for dissimilar agricultural products such as wheat.

As stated by the US congressman, the lifting of the economic, trade and financial blockade, which Washington has maintained against Cuba for over 50 years, is the essential question.

He also pointed out that allowing US banks and financial institutions to provide financing would be a good first step, for which he has been co-sponsoring the Cuban Agricultural Exports Bill.

I am very proud to be a member of the Cuba Working Group in Congress, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to keep on building bilateral relations between both nations, he said.

The Kansas representative was part of a five-republican-member delegation that met with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in early March in Havana, and also held a working meeting with Agriculture Ministry officials.

Both nations reestablished diplomatic relations on July 2015 and since then have signed dozens of agreements and memoranda of understanding in some areas of interest, amid a process aimed at normalizing their two-way relations.

Cuban authorities, however, consider that the US blockade for over half a century has been the main obstacle to attaining this goal, which, among other things, prevented a normal development of commercial ties.



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