#Venezuela Is Today our New #Cuba, Says Uruguayan Senator

Published by Alma

No to the anti-democratic Charter of the OAS, says the Venezuelan people

 By Prensa Latina

Uruguayan Broad Front Senator Constanza Moreira condemned the campaign orchestrated against Venezuela and asserted that a statement against that country was today as a statement against Cuba 20 years ago.

‘Venezuela is our new Cuba, in this context,’ said the legislator in an interview published by the website TNU.

She said that today, when Latin America is turning vertiginously to the right, making a statement against Venezuela is aligning with the right, not with the left. Thus, Bolivia and Ecuador do not support it,’ she remarked.

Moreira, who is also a political scientist, said it was a political issue and not a discussion about what ‘we think is right or wrong in Venezuela,’ because that is as arguable as what we think is right or wrong about Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

She highlighted that the Uruguayan left had to realize that it is ‘political arm wrestling that does not do it any good,’ because it is fostered by the right.

Moreira said statements about Venezuela were being made. However, they do not say anything about Paraguay, Brazil and Colombia, and 30 people were murdered last year in the latter country, including journalists, union leaders and political activists.

The problem is not what happens in Venezuela, but what this country meant to the US policy towards Latin America, ‘with its stop’ the FTAA and many other things, she explained.

‘Likewise, it is about what Venezuela represents for the left in the region,’ she added.

She said that this legacy ‘was to be preserved and not to be distorted,’ because that country is going through a very difficult situation.




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