Largest Stalagmite in the World Taken 3D Picture in #Cuba

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Expanded detail of the stalagmite base. Marked with numbers 1 and 2, two speleologists recognize the terrain during lighting for shooting. In spaces 1a and 2a human figures are scaled to allow their comparison with the immense mass Karst / Photo: Esteban Rubén Grau González (Bellamar project, 3D International Team La Salle)

By Prensa Latina

Cienfuegos, Cuba.- The stalagmite in the cave Martin Infierno, considered the largest in the world, was taken a 3D picture for the first time, said the latest edition of the online version of the newspaper 5 de Septiembre.

Cuban photographer Esteban Ruben Grau, leader of the project Bellamar in the western city of Matanzas, took the picture setting two cameras and using eight lights.

Grau is member of the 3D International Team La Salle, an organization that gathers 29 photographers and speleologists from 17 countries seeking to preserve and share the treasures of the underground world through stereoscopic techniques.The largest stalagmite, 67 meters high, is located at the bottom of an underground room which only can be accessed with specialized climbing methods.

With the project Bellamar (name of a famous cave near the city of Matanzas) he has planned to make the film ‘Cuba, la otra dimension’, with pictures of Cuban caves and important natural sites.

The cave Martin Infierno, located more than 600 meters above the sea level in the Guamuhaya massif (in the central region) was discovered in the late 1960´s by the speleologist group Sama, from the neighboring province of Sancti Spiritus.



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