#HabanosSA Limited Editions 2016 Go to Market

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

Havana.- International corporation Habanos S.A. informed today about the distribution of its Limited Editions 2016 corresponding to Trinidad Topes, Montecristo Dantes and Romeo and Juliet Capuletos, a novelty for the Premium cigar market.

Limited Editions of Habanos are very much appreciated and awaited every year by cigar aficionados, said the official note.

These proposals are characterized for its bands which are not in the regular assortment of the brand’s portfolio and are distinguished by a meticulous selection of all its leaves -cover, filling and cape.

The tobacco leaves are matured for no less than two years.

The cover that dresses these cigars come from the upper leaves of the plant of covered tobacco plants,l another of the characteristics identifying them, as it accustoms to be darker than the cover of the bands of the regular brand assortment.

In the case of Topes (vine or diameter of 56 by 125 millimeters long) of Trinidad, it is the first band introduced with that measurement in the portfolio of the brand.

Trinidad Topes is an habano that allows a taste of that Brand in an innovative format appreciated by those who like gross calibres and strength from mild to middle, explains the tasting note.

In the case of Montecristo Dantes (diameter of 48 by 167 millimeters long) is a cigar of gross to medium caliber, elegant format and strength from medium to strong.

Experts also insist this is the first Hermoso (vine 48) presented by Montecristo. This Limited Edition is presented in a special case of 10 units.

For its part, Romeo and Juliet Capuletos (vine 53 by 153 millimeters long) is the other Limited Edition 2016. This band is unique in the Brand and is characterized by an intense and complex flavor, assure the specialists.

All these habano cigars of the Limited Editions were rolled by hand with long filling and leaves originated in the zone of Vuelta Abajo in the westernmost region of Cuba, Pinar del Rio, the most famous of the tobacco crop.



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