#Cuba: 25 Years After a Crime Moved by #US Politics

Published by Alma

By Prensa Latina

Twenty-five years ago, Cuba was the victim of one of the most brutal crimes, motivated by the permanent policy of the United States to illegally promote immigration from Cuba to that northern country.

On January 9, 1992, a group of individuals tied the hands and murdered the young soldiers who guarded the boats for the recreation of the children at the nautical base of the Camp of Tarará.

The attackers were aimed to kidnap one of the boats to leave the country and take advantage of the benefits provided by the Cuban Adjustment Act, which since 1966 facilitates the illegal entry of Cubans into the United States, regardless of the routes and methods they use.

Facing the impossibility of hijacking the boat, the assailants returned to the security checkpoint and assassinated the Third Sergeant Yuri Gómez (19 years old), soldier Orosmán Dueñas (20), and the agent of the Corps of Surveillance and Protection Rafael Guevara (30).

In this event was also seriously wounded the First Sergeant Rolando Perez (23), who died days later in a hospital.

Was precisely his denunciation a decisive element that, along with the joint action of the Ministry of the Interior and the population, made possible to capture the seven assailants and then to judge them by the Cuban courts.

Although the list of victims of these acts against Cuba is extensive, the United States persists with its hostile policy and increases the number of actions aimed at destabilizing the revolutionary process on the island.



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