New Challenges Predicted for Cuban Youth in 2017

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After a year of intense work that is fired today, new challenges will come with 2017 and much struggle for the new generations of Cubans, stressed the youth leader, Susely Morfa.

The year in which the UJC will be 55 April could not have a better start than the military parade and march of the fighting people next Monday in Havana, told the first secretary of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) to the Cuban News Agency.

In that sense, she considered an honor and a sign of confidence that this activity in tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro is also dedicated to the youth and the 60 years after the uprising of the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, the landing of the yacht Granma and the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

‘In turn we will respond with a massive and enthusiastic participation in the Square of the Revolution in Havana,’ assured the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Among the main activities of 2017, Morfa also highlighted the reissue of the Freedom Caravan that takes place every year from January 1 to January 8 in the Caribbean State, as part of the organization’s priority to bring the country’s history closer to children and young people.

She also mentioned the celebrations for the April 4, in on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Young Communists by the historic leader Fidel Castro.

In addition, she noted the tribute to Commander Ernesto Guevara, half a century after his fall in combat in Bolivia, and the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in October, which will be based in the Russian city of Sochi.

The youth leader ratified that in 2017 the UJC will continue its actions to deepen the knowledge about the work of the Revolution, as well as the consolidation of spaces open to reflection and dialogue.

He also recalled the leadership of this generation in the tributes that flooded the Caribbean nation, the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro, after his death on November 25.

‘The sorrow has not ceased nor will it go away, but a heroic people like this, draws strength from where there is no. Its young children, heirs of that lineage, laid the first stone of the great monument that we all erect in our hearts with that cry coming out of the soul: ‘I am Fidel!’, she stated.


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