Letter to Donald #Trump in response to his statements about #Fidel

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Unofficial translation: Alma

By Julio Alejandro Gómez Pereda /Palabras entre el café

President-elect of the United States of America Donald Trump:

I never thought that I would write in the same year two letters to different presidents of the United States. In my missive to Obama after his speech at the Gran Teatro de la Habana Alicia Alonso, I considered our differences, I left my points of view on that, but I was respectful and courteous to a man who at least has maintained his diplomatic composure in his dealings with Cuba.

On this occasion, I recognize that different situations motivate me, you chose the worst day to talk about Fidel Castro in the terms in which you did it, and to be silent at such statements would be like accepting your  attacks and looking at another place, while I remain kneeling .

When I heard the news of the death of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in the early hours of the morning, the world was without meaning for several seconds, it is the feeling of those who never expect to live such a moment. Many Cubans within whom I find myself, would have preferred to give years of our lives, or die first, for the sole reason to keep Fidel alive longer. It is not fanaticism, it is love.

Before leaving my house, I sat down next to my sleeping son and watched his breathing, as I thought he would have to face a world without Fidel. His story will be different from mine, because he will not listen to it in his speeches, he will not have it to go to Revolution Square and say goodbye as we parade together, he will not be able to enjoy his beard and olive green uniform, We are able to show him, but even so, I left my house sure that my son will love Fidel, because he is incarnate in each one of us.

When at 8 in the morning I saw the tweet that you threw I thought in the absurdity of its content, and even I responded to its official account. With the development of the day came your unfortunate statements, and with them, this need to respond from the deepest pain of a son who has lost a father.

Mr. Trump, you do not know Fidel Castro, you do not know anything about the history of Cuba, your absurd and hurtful words prove it. You behave like a low-stakes, down-to-earth puppet like a foolish, pointless man, and you just predicted that George W. Bush might have been just a rehearsal for what the world will suffer during your tenure.

Your statements are disrespectful to a people who love and suffer the loss of their historic leader, your statements do not take into account the basic honor and respect that must exist between opposites. You can be sure that the people of Cuba will not forget your words, and will take them into account before every step we take with your administration. Do not think that we are afraid of your probable measures or your madness, we know how to live in the greatest needs caused by the empire, we are willing to peaceful and respectful coexistence, but we are not one of the people who do not venerate their dead, we defend them with our bones and skin at the price that must be paid, even the harassment of your administration, which is shaping up as the prelude to the fall of the Empire.

Calling our Fidel a brutal dictator, I remember Ruben Martinez Villena, when standing in front of the dictator Gerardo Machado discovered a crude, savage man, unfamiliar with communism, and a threat to Latin America. Therefore, I believe that there is no other figure than you, deserve to be named in the same way as the tyrant:  Donkey with Claws!!

Fidel will live and live in the Cuban people, Fidel will illuminate the path of our Revolution, a revolution that will be better every day, more just and more human, more internationalist and more proletarian. You will only be able to have temper tantrums from your presidential chair and make pen-stroke decisions, which will only make us stronger.

Believe me, there is no better pleasure than to finish telling you that Cuba is and will be a country of Patria o Muerte (Homeland or Death), and that with Fidel we will be Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Julio Alejandro Gómez Pereda

Author of the blog Palabras entre el café



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